OPTIONAL: Sandbox SMTP Report

LAST UPDATED:  2023-08-30


This report summarizes the email sent by each of the malicious binaries when they were run in our sandbox system.

It is specifically generated by running a malicious binary in our sandbox system. The malware attempts either to email or utilize an email server that was referenced in the report. It does not mean that the access was successful or that your system is compromised at the time of the report, just that a piece of malware attempted either to utilize your infrastructure or to send an email to it.



  • md5hash
    MD5 has of the binary that was run
  • email
    Email addresses used by the binary
  • sender
    Return email address used by the binary
  • smtp_inet
    IP of the remote SMTP server
  • smtp_port
    Remote port used
  • smtp_host
    Hostname resolution of the IP address


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