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Complete the form below to request free, detailed, relevant, daily remediation reports about the state of your networks or constituency. We’ll evaluate your request and follow up with you. There is no charge for this service. Our reports will provide you a free daily potential attack surface report relevant to your organization’s network or constituency, as well as potential malware or other malicious activity seen originating from your network/constituency.

Our daily reports are available either via e-mail or API. For automation, we recommend the API. You can find an overview of the API in our GitHub wiki. For API access, you need to request an API key. You can do so by adding a request in the “References” form or later via our Contact form.

Please note that by default we also share a lot of information on possible accessible services on your network. Too many daily reports? If you find some of these redundant, you can choose to opt-out of receiving those via via our Contact form. You can also always request the Delta mode option as well to lower the amount of daily reporting.

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    Help us make the Internet more secure
    Help us make the Internet more secure

    Shadowserver offers all services free of charge, for public benefit. We don’t sell data. Our revenue comes from sponsorships, grants, and charitable donations.