DDoS Report

One of the most basic uses for a Botnet is the ever-present DDoS. These reports list out all the attacks and targets for a DDoS in your area of responsibility.


  • Date
    Date in UTC+0 of the event
  • Time
    Time in UTC+0 of the event
  • C&C
    The Command and Control IP address that issued the DDoS
  • C&C Port
    Port being used for IRC by the C&C
  • C&C ASN
    ASN where the C&C resides
  • C&C Geo
    Country where the C&C resides
  • C&C DNS
    Reverse DNS of the C&C IP
  • Channel
    IRC Channel being used by the C&C
  • Command
    Actual DDoS command used to start the attack
  • TGT
    Target IP address of the DDoS
    ASN where the Target resides
  • TGT Geo
    Country where the Target resides
    Reverse DNS of the Target IP


"Date","Time","C&C","C&C Port","C&C ASN","C&C Geo","C&C DNS","Channel","Command","TGT","TGT ASN","TGT Geo","TGT DNS"
"2008-11-03","00:12:51","",80,9121,"TR","turkeyonline.name","http","flood http oborot.ru","",39561,"RU","oborot.ru"
"2008-11-03","00:12:51","",80,36445,"US","www.f-gaming.com","http","flood http dapf.us","",34857,"LT","dapf.us"
"2008-11-03","00:12:51","",80,36445,"US","www.f-gaming.com","http","flood http cats-bengal.com","",34857,"LT","cats-bengal.com"
"2008-11-03","00:12:51","",80,36445,"US","www.f-gaming.com","http","flood http neowarez.ru","",34857,"LT","neowarez.ru"
"2008-11-03","00:12:51","",80,36445,"US","www.f-gaming.com","http","flood http nitrohost.org","",34857,"LT","nitrohost.org"
"2008-11-03","00:12:52","",80,36445,"US","www.f-gaming.com","http","flood http novikovhome.com","",34857,"LT","novikovhome.com"
"2008-11-03","00:12:54","",80,36445,"US","www.f-gaming.com","http","flood http xaos.az","",34857,"LT","xaos.az"
"2008-11-03","00:12:56","",80,38186,"HK","oiltraf.cn","http","flood http avxp08.com/overview/?UID=overview","","","","avxp08.com"
"2008-11-03","00:13:00","",80,4657,"SG","cxim.inattack.ru","http","flood http www.adapoker.com","",30315,"US","www.adapoker.com"

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