LEGACY: Click-Fraud Report

LAST UPDATED:  2021-04-01


Report discontinued.

This report identifies click-fraud attempts, which we see when botnets are given the direction to click on revenue-generating URLs.

This is frequently done either to change the results of searches, or to generate specific revenue for the criminals; they may also have been contracted to generate the selections.


  • Date
    Date of the action in UTC+0
  • Time
    Time of the action in UTC+0
  • C&C
    The IP address of the Command and Control system that issued the command
  • C&C Port
    Port of the Command and Control
  • C&C ASN
    ASN of the C&C IP
  • C&C Geo
    Country location of the C&C
  • Channel
    Channel on the C&C that was used for the command
  • Command
    Actual command issued
  • TGT
    Target IP address
    ASN of the Target IP
  • TGT Geo
    Country of the Target IP
  • URL
    The actual full URL that was given in the command


"Date","Time","C&C","C&C Port","C&C ASN","C&C Geo","Channel","Command","TGT","TGT ASN","TGT Geo","URL"
"2008-10-31","03:27:12","",9988,39023,"DE","#1","!visit http://s10.gladiatus.de","",8560,"DE","http://s10.gladiatus.de/game/c.php?uid=16951"

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