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UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office funds Shadowserver surge in Africa and Indo-Pacific regions

March 18, 2021
Can you help Shadowserver sign up more countries/networks in Africa and the Info-Pacific to receive our free daily network reports and help secure the Internet? We are running a UK FCDO funded surge in Feb/March 2021, aimed at increasing outreach and expanding our honeypot sensor network in those regions. We are seeking introductions, contacts and hosting so please get in touch if you can help us achieve these goals.

The Data Center Move - All the Gory Details and Extras

October 16, 2020
As everyone knows now, Shadowserver had a bit of a funding issue earlier this year which caused us to go through the process of needing a new space for our data operations.  A place to call home for all that storage and computing that we do daily.  A new data center was required.  This story will go through that recent history, the actual move, and a few after action and post move things that occurred.  This blog will be partially serious, some tongue in cheek, and some sad comedy, so enjoy our journey.

Fundraising Update - Avast (and Urgent 2020 Target Achieved)

September 8, 2020
Fundraising update: Avast has very generously committed $500,000 USD to support Shadowserver’s public benefit services in 2020, taking us to up to our $2.1M urgent 2020 operational target. Now we can start focusing on long term sustainability in 2021+

Supporting Shadowserver Through Optional Voluntary Invoicing

August 11, 2020
As a non-profit organization, Shadowserver has been funded to date by donations and sponsorship. However, some constituents find international donation logistics difficult. This post introduces the concept of optional voluntary invoicing to support our ongoing public benefit mission. This definitely does not mean that Shadowserver is going commercial in any way - our services continue to be freely available to all who need them. But it does provide organizations who appreciate our services with another potential complementary mechanism for financially supporting us.

The Data Center is Moving to its new Home

July 31, 2020
The Data Center is moving and we expect to be down from 2020-08-14 (Friday) to 2020-08-18 (Tuesday).  This will impact all of our services except incoming email.  Most of our data collection system will remain functional, but we will have no way of importing and reporting anything.  In fact, all reports will be suspended until we come back up.

Fundraising Update - Internet Society

May 27, 2020
Another fundraising update: fellow not-for-profit organisation The Internet Society (ISOC) has very generously provided $400,000 to support our data center move and the continuing operation of Shadowserver’s public benefit services. We thank you ISOC! Getting closer to our urgent 2020 target and can achieve it with the continued help of the community.

Fundraising Update - Trend Micro

May 27, 2020
An update on progress towards our urgent 2020 fundraising target. Long term partner in fighting cybercrime Trend Micro has very generously committed $600,000 to support Shadowserver’s public benefit services ($200,000 per year for three years). Thank you very much Trend!

New Data Center Requirements - Can You Help Host Shadowserver?

April 22, 2020
Shadowserver urgently needs to move our current data center by August 2020. We are blogging our data center requirements for hosting and colocation providers, or other companies who might be able to help provide a new home for our public benefit services for the global Internet. Please reach out and get in touch if you can help.

Data Center Migration Deadline Extended Due To COVID-19

April 9, 2020
The original deadline for Shadowserver to move our data center has been extended from May 26th to August 31st 2020, due to the worsening COVID-19 pandemic and Silicon Valley 'Shelter in Place' lockdowns. This extension provides us with some much needed additional time to continue raising funding for our 2020 operations, such as the recently received donation from cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX.

Progress In 2020 Funding Challenge - Thanks To Fantastic Global Supporters, But More Help Still Needed!

April 2, 2020
Our first status update on the critical initial milestone in Shadowserver's urgent 2020 funding challenge. Great progress from our awesome community, with particular thanks to philanthropist Craig Newmark, but more help still needed to fully secure our data center operations in 2020. Join with us to continue protecting victims of cybercrime and help protect the Internet.