Craig Newmark Makes $500,000 Grant to Shadowserver

March 30, 2023

The Shadowserver Foundation is grateful for the continued support and generosity of craigslist founder, Craig Newmark. Earlier this month, Craig Newmark Philanthropies provided Shadowserver with a substantial donation of $500,000. In total, Craig Newmark Philanthropies has donated $1.4M over the past 3 years enabling amongst others our data center move and supporting our free public benefit services. Craig’s generosity will help Shadowserver continue pursuing its global mission to make the Internet more secure for everyone by bringing to light vulnerabilities, malicious activity, and emerging threats. Shadowserver is proud that its work helps further Craig’s Cyber Civil Defense effort and his long-standing commitment to defending democracy and cyber security.

As a nonprofit organization, Shadowserver relies on the generosity of corporations, governments, foundations, and individuals like Craig Newmark for its existence. If you or your organization would like to join Craig in supporting Shadowserver’s work, please become a Shadowserver Alliance Partner. Our annual funding goal is around $5M, necessary for Shadowserver to maintain its operations. The Alliance, of which Craig Newmark Philanthropies was a founding partner of, was launched in October 2022 to help ensure Shadowserver’s long-term sustainability. For more information about the Alliance, please visit our Partner page.

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