More Free Cyber Threat Intelligence For National CSIRTs

April 25, 2022

In March 2021 we blogged about our UK FCDO-funded outreach and capacity building efforts in Africa and the Indo-Pacific, with a follow up post in December 2021 highlighting some of the results. With the FCDO’s support, we have continued our outreach efforts to National CSIRTs in those regions, to try and provide them with free daily cyber threat intelligence (CTI) data feeds in the form of our daily network reports. With assistance from the community, we have been able to successfully sign up many additional countries to our public benefit services.

Shadowserver currently provide data to 132 nCSIRTs in 173 countries and territories globally, but we would very much like to provide our free data to all countries who have the capacity to receive it. We can provide training and support to help recipients understand, ingest and act effectively on our daily data feeds.

Getting timely, free, actionable CTI data into the hands of Internet Defenders is Shadowserver’s primary mission. We would really appreciate more assistance from the community in helping us establish connections with the following countries where we currently do not have coverage:


ISO code
Country name
DZ Algeria
BI Burundi
CV Cape Verde
CF Central African Republic
TD Chad
DJ Djibouti
GQ Equatorial Guinea
ER Eritrea
GN Guinea
GW Guinea-Bissau
LR Liberia
LY Libya
MG Madagascar
ML Mali
MR Mauritania
NE Niger
CG Republic of the Congo
ST Sao Tome and Principe
SN Senegal
SO Somalia
SS South Sudan
EH Western Sahara


ISO code
Country name
KH Cambodia
TL East Timor
MH Marshall Islands
FM Micronesia
NR Nauru
NU Niue
PK Pakistan
PW Palau
TK Tokelau

We Need Your Help!

If you have contacts with nCSIRTs or major network operators in these countries, or in the wider region, who might be able to help – please get in touch and encourage them to sign up for free daily reports about their country/constituencies.

Together we can make the Internet safer for everyone.

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