The Data Center is Moving to its new Home

July 31, 2020

We have moved a few times before, here, here, here, and here.  We have gotten fairly expert in the whole moving process.  As we talked about earlier this year, we needed to find a new home, which we did. The time has come for us to actually pick it all up and move it all now.

The new space is inside of Digital Reality’s Oakland facility.  To fit into this new space we had to pack the racks a lot more densely than we had before.  We are going from 114 racks to 68 racks.  While the original density was not packed tightly, the new configuration will not leave very much free space, so we will need to be more creative in our future growth.

We will be shutting down the entire data center on the 2020-08-14 (Friday), where we, with the help of our movers will be unbolting the racks from the floor, plastic wrapping all the racks, and doing any last minute packing.  On 2020-08-15 (Saturday) it will all be moved if possible. There are multiple trucks and trailers arriving to haul off all of our gear.  Anything not moved will be completed the next day.  When the racks arrive at the new location, they will have to be unwrapped, bolted, and plugged in.  The caveat is that we are not allowed to do the bolting, nor plugging in of any of the gear.  This means that the staff of the facility will have to do all of that for us, and if they do not finish on that 2020-08-15 (Saturday), they will not resume work until 2020-08-17 (Monday).

So, it will be a very tight schedule to get it all moved and then plugged back in again on that Saturday.

Our networks will not be dropped and enabled until 2020-08-17 (Monday).  So, even if we get everything running earlier, we will not have connectivity until that Monday.  We expect to have everything running by Tuesday.

Service Outage

We expect to be down from 2020-08-14 (Friday) to 2020-08-18 (Tuesday).  This will impact all of our services except incoming email.  Most of our data collection system will remain functional, but we will have no way of importing and reporting anything.  In fact, all reports will be suspended until we come back up.


All of this is possible due to the generous donations/financial support we have received over the last five months.  Once again we would like to thank Craig Newmark who stepped up early and through Craig Newmark Philanthropies provided all the initial funds that allow us to execute the Data Center move.  We would also like to thank the infosec community again for their tremendous response to our plea for financial support that allows us to continue operating our free services to the community in 2020. Over 50 organizations so far have declared or committed their financial support from a wide spectrum of sectors, including National CSIRTs, NRENs, NGOs and corporations, as have many individuals who have donated and sponsored our organization over this difficult time. Thank you!

Nevertheless, we still need funding to continue to operate post-2020. If you or your organization are able to help please check out our Become a Sponsor page (which also includes a voluntary invoicing option if your organization cannot easily make a donation) and/or reach out to us via our Contact Form.

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