Data Center Move Completed, Without Any Catastrophes!

October 25, 2016


As we had previously stated, we are moving.  Or I should say we have moved.  It was a huge amount of effort by many of the team members.  A big thanks goes out to them all for the work, long hours, and back breaking exercise that no geek enjoys. It really was an international affair.  We had members from Poland, Norway, UK, and US (with Australian residents) all assisting in getting this done in a week with an unending supply of donuts and bad food.  Not much sleep occurred but many pain medications were tested last week.

The Old Empty

And here are some images of our now empty space.  An era has ended by us departing this space:

img_7120-e1477183639970_a img_7114_a img_7111_a img_7110_a img_7113_a img_7106_a

What Comes Next?

While the move has been completed within our expected time window and many tonnes of gear was successfully shifted from one location to another, we still have a lot of adjustments and tuning to get it all 100% working.  Most devices came up as expected, but some experienced a range of different and ‘entertaining’ difficulties.  Of course, when some of the gear is over 15 years old, we should expect some failures.  So although most data is flowing again today, some services will still be somewhat intermittent over the next week while we fine tune the installs and make sure everything is fully working.  But overall we are very happy with how well it went.

Did we mention how beautiful (and cool) our new Data Center is?




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