Shadowserver Datacenter Move

October 7, 2016

Planned Downtime October 16th-25th 2016

What’s going on?

After many years in our current datacenter, we’ve outgrown the space. We have found a new datacenter space nearby and have slowly been moving into it. We’ve reached a point where we have to shut everything down for a week to finish the migration.

Why do you care?

For about a week, our processing, analysis, and data repositories will be offline. That means there will be no reports, no malware analysis, no downloads, no API… in short, nothing will be available during that time. But sorry to all the black hat wearers out there: we’ll be back and bigger than ever, processing more malware, scanning faster, and sending out even more reports to those that fix the problems we find.

When is it happening?

We’re going offline October 16th and coming back October 25th. These are our targets, but we’re hoping to be back online sooner.

Keep watching our blog for updates on our progress at

All Shadowserver services will resume as normal when the upgrade is complete.

How to get reports on your network?

Easy one! Subscribe to reports.

How can you help?

Currently your reports are created from our scans of 3.7 billion routable IPv4 addresses on ~30 ports daily. We also process around a 0.5-1.5 million malware samples per day, distribute 30-40,000 daily reports to 88 National CERTs and 3500+ customers, and generate some 120,000 charts daily.

As a US 501c3 non-profit organization that does not charge for its services, we survive through tax deductible donations, sponsorships, as well as funded project work to expand out what we are able to do.

We share our data for no cost with direct network owners and National CERTs all over the world. We do not ask for credit, only the occasional support. If you think you might be able to help us out, please contact us by email at admin*at*shadowserver*dot*org.

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