Become a Sponsor

At Shadowserver, we don’t sell data or services. Our funding comes entirely from sponsorships, grants and charitable donations, thanks to sponsor, partners and individuals like you who share our vision of a more secure Internet.

Join us:

The Shadowserver Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization in the US (EIN: 26-2267933) and Stichting The Shadowserver Foundation Europe is a registered tax-exempt non-profit organization with public benefit status in The Netherlands (KvK Number 61199613).

In order to make Shadowserver sustainable in the future, we will be launching the Shadowserver Alliance.  This is a more structured way of supporting us through sponsorships and provides the sponsor with a range of additional benefits on top of our standard service offering.

We encourage you to join the Alliance and make use of the benefits.

We plan to announce the Alliance officially in June 2022.

If your organization would like to join The Shadowserver Alliance and help support Shadowserver’s essential public benefit services, please contact us via our website contact page  or by email at contact(at)

This is a unique opportunity to become a founding member of the Alliance.

Relevant Alliance documents:

  1. Alliance One-pager introduction [PDF]
  2. Alliance Description with Benefits [PDF]
  3. Alliance Sponsorship Agreement [DOCX]

Want to learn some more about Shadowserver and its public benefit services?

  1. Shadowserver Overview [PDF]
  2. Shadowserver Public Benefit Services [PDF]

We look forward to partnering with you and helping to make the Internet safer for everyone!

If your organization cannot easily join the Alliance, we always welcome donations or grants. We can also discuss voluntary invoicing options.

For smaller or individual donations, please use PayPal.