Sighting of Mythical New Shadowserver Website Confirmed!

April 24, 2019

The Past

For anyone who has followed the progress of The Shadowserver Foundation over the years, subscribed to our free daily reports or attempted to find out information and view statistics, you will no doubt be familiar with our long running/suffering public website:

Old Shadowserver Website

Over the years, our website has been the subject of much discussion, amusement and occasionally horror. People regularly asked if we were actually a legitimate organization or just some kind of lost student project from the 1990s. Viewers sometimes got confused if they had accidentally visited the Internet Archive’s ancient copy of our site, rather than our active home page.

For a long time we went with the “cobbler’s shoes” argument, that as a cash-strapped non-profit foundation we preferred to spend every cent we had on new hard drives to feed our our never ending data hoarding habit. Or said that once we started growing and hiring full time team members, we preferred to use our limited funds to pay our staff, rather than spend it on marketing.

However, over the years we found that the old website was becoming an increasingly frustrating hurdle that we had to overcome when speaking to people outside of the National CERT, network owner, Law Enforcement and operational security communities where we are relatively well known. When speaking to policy makers, governments, C-level executives and potential sponsors, we often wasted valuable presentation time having to explain the basics and sometimes overcome initial, “you old school guys can’t really be that serious” type perceptions.

Having laughed this off for way longer that we really wanted to, the embarrassment finally got too great. So we are pleased to announce that our long rumored mythical new website has actually gone live!

The Future

New Shadowserver Website

We very much hope that this new site does a better job of explaining to the world the importance of what we do, and how potential constituents can benefit from our free services.

We would like to highlight that the team remains the same, with the same focus, passion and commitment to the mission that we always have had. But we do finally now have nicer public face to match the shininess of our data center.

Anyone looking for our old blog posts will find them here. And media coverage is now here. Most importantly, you can continue to subscribe to our free daily network remediation reports here. If you don’t already receive our data, do please sign up.

The old website still soldiers on as, in case that this material is still useful to anyone. Over time, any relevant content will be reviewed, updated and migrated into our shiny new public website. Eventually the trusty old website will finally be given a merciful release.

Now all the excitement is over, hopefully we can get back to continuing to work together and improving the security of the Internet. Just hopefully with slightly less questions about our formerly embarrassing website now.

For those of you who still have rare, collectors edition Shadowserver shirts surviving somewhere in your black wardrobes, we might even start giving select partners some fashionable items resplendent with our new logo. Happy days…

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