Reaffirmation of Values and Mission

May 23, 2012
Over the past seven years the Shadowserver Foundation has been successfully executing its mission to improve Internet Security by sharing information of compromised servers, malicious attackers and the spread of malware. We have been brazen in our core philosophy to share information freely and at no obligation.

What started out as only a couple dozen organizations taking advantage of the free security reports provided by Shadowserver has expanded today to over 1,500 organizations, including over 60 national CERT’s, consuming this information with regularity. The industry has also since evolved from pockets of siloed, organization based security remediation, to what is today an industry of like-minded security professionals that also desire to do what is best for the Internet Community as a whole. This is evident by the often formation of community-based public sharing working groups, of which Shadowserver participates in regularly, which collaborate and remediate the latest Internet security threats.

Admittedly in the beginning there were skeptics. There always are when driving change, especially when it forces organizations to have to rethink their current business models of selling/reselling readily available data for profit. As a non-profit organization, Shadowserver remains focused on its mission to improve the security of the Internet through community based sharing of information and not simply on growing profits. We see it as an opportunity to drive faster change and ignite the next wave of change in furthering the industry’s ability to provide higher quality services and capabilities to the market.

Leading the charge for Shadowserver is a team of very passionate, dedicated and highly talented security professionals who volunteer their time because they believe wholeheartedly in the Shadowserver mission, and without whom we would not be where we are today. And, as much as we would like to expand rapidly, both in terms of team and products, we believe rather in steadied growth based on a select volunteer network. This allows us to deliver quality products that our consumers have come to expect and can continue to expect from us in the future.

We are unashamed in our attitude and forthright with our methods and goals and we look forward to continuing to work with and serving the Internet security community for years to come.

The Shadowserver Foundation

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