Shadowserver 2020 Urgent Need – How Can You Help

March 16, 2020

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Current expected costs to avoid a complete May 26th US data center shutdown are:

In more detail, we urgent need:

$400,000 USD committed by March 31st, paid by May 15th. Purpose: to sign a lease on new US data center space, fit it out, provision bandwidth and move our current data center infrastructure.

Additional costs to keep Shadowserver US running for the rest of 2020 are:

An additional $1.7 million USD to cover our minimum 2020 US operating costs (new monthly US data center hosting costs, bandwidth, key US staff salaries and other basic operational costs to the end of December 2020).

In summary, the urgent funding required to keep Shadowserver US running in 2020 is:

Total funding $2.1 million USD (including the data center move)

We are looking for leading members of the global community, who understand the benefit of Shadowserver’s proven capabilities and extensive track record, as well as the value proposition and return on impact investment of continuing to provide free, public benefit, victim detection and remediation services globally for all.

We encourage those who gain the most from our services and from having a safer, more secure Internet (or who stand to lose the most from our public benefit services ceasing) to reach out, come together and work with us to urgently find a solution to this short term but very critical situation.

  • Pledges of support and rapid funding commitments are urgently required. 
  • Donations in kind might be possible to help reduce the budget needed – particularly hosting facilities, bandwidth, hardware and software licenses. Some generous partners and sponsors already do this.
  • Positive stories and case studies, to help convince budget holders and policy/decision makers of the value to the global community of Shadowserver’s services are also appreciated.
  • Creative potential solutions are welcomed – social media campaigns, crowdsourcing and voluntary invoicing have already been suggested (yes, we can issue invoices for our free daily reports or other existing services, to those organizations willing and able to pay them). 
  • We need introductions to the people and organizations with the capital resources on hand to potentially assist (or to at least carry this message much wider, to the right audiences)

All constructive input will be greatly appreciated.

We call on all impacted constituents, partners and members of the community to urgently rally to support Shadowserver’s continuing public benefit operation. Some trusted industry partners are already mobilizing to assist us and we will be reaching out to many more soon.

We hope you will share our passion to ensure a positive outcome, despite these unexpected and difficult circumstances.

Please think about the benefit that you and your own constituents have received from Shadowserver’s existence over the years, and what would happen if Shadowserver had not been there, or was no longer available.

If you can help, or know someone who can, please reach out on social media or get in touch by email urgently.

So in a challenging moment for Shadowserver, what can you do to help?


The Shadowserver Foundation Team


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