How can I make sure I get reports set up as soon as possible?

Here are a few tips for getting your reports set up quickly:

  1. Make sure all the information we need is included.
  2. Be very clear on what you request, network-wise. If you request a report for an ASN, you do not need to tell us what CIDR ranges are covered by that ASN. We can set up a report both for an ASN and for a CIDR range even if they are overlapping — this would, however, mean that you would be getting reports for the overlapping space twice. We often do get requests for reports for both ASNs and CIDRs (not all network space might be routed by the organization requesting reports, for example), and they do overlap at times. If you mean to receive reports for both a specific ASN (or set of ASNs) and for a specific CIDR range (or set of CIDR ranges), please be specific about this. Do not leave it up to us to choose between your ASN or CIDR range; we will set up the reports regardless. That said, we do prefer ASN, if it’s all the same to you.
  3. Make sure that your address (or an address that can confirm your request) is listed in the whois records for the ASN or CIDR. While we understand that this might not always be possible, it will significantly speed up the process.
  4. If you’re requesting an update to your reports — either in network space, contact information or recipient email addresses — please tell us that you’re requesting us to update your feed and what specifically you wish to update — preferably also how the full feed would look. (For example: “Good morning, I am XX of org YYY. We recently acquired a new ASN, AS31337. Please add this to our feed, so that the total feed covers the network space of AS1337, AS1338 and AS31337.”) Also, please send these requests to report_admin<AT>
  5. We ask for a country prefix on phone numbers. That goes for those of you in North America as well. (Yes, most organizations requesting reports that are outside the US and Canada manage to include the country prefix … but not all.)

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