Of Data Sharing and Statistics Being Removed

June 9, 2016


As most of you may know The Shadowserver Foundation is a non-profit organization in both the US and in the EU.  We survive through donations, sponsorships, as well as project work to expand out what we are able to do.  We share our data for no cost with the direct network owners.  From our last few posts you can get an idea of how many drives we go through and the possible cost to maintain all the work that we have been doing.  We do not ask for credit, only the occasional support.

This is Why We Cannot Have Anything Nice

When we started doing our Internet level scans we provided all the statistical results by country and ASN to anyone that wanted to download the data.  Our hope was that someone would come back and share some new and interesting way of visualizing that data, or some trending that would blow our minds.  Instead it seems that this data has been used as a basis for making sales to organizations, and in some cases the statistical data itself sold.  While we are occasionally wild-eyed firebrands and believe that the world is a better place we are normally rooted in a more robust reality.

So, this is just a note to let everyone know that these statistics have been removed and will not be made available in the future.

Where Does This Lead To?

Well, besides some kumbia songs by the campfire?  We have been working on creating newer sets, and older as well, of statistics for the purpose of putting together a wondrous page of visual amazement for everyone sometime in the future.  Of course finding a studio to help build this beast is one of the first hurdles as well as finding funding to put the whole thing together, but we believe that we will get to this soon.  We are hoping to have some form of delivery in 2016.  So, look forward and make your offers to help!

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