In the Service of National CERT’s

December 11, 2014


Our goal as always has been to get data about infected, compromised or abuse-able hosts to the network owners as efficiently as possible.  The most consistent and effective vehicle for that is using National CERT’s.  In many ways they are the gateway to the rest of the networks of a country.  They can act as incident responders, introducers to network owners, and help provide the best way to deliver the data we enjoy sharing.  They range in size from just a few to several hundred people, have budgets of pocket money to millions of the local currency and have a variety of super powers to execute their mission.  In most cases these are the under-appreciate (and sometimes under-funded and under-resourced) women and men that are trying to protect the networks of their countries.  So we truly enjoy working with them and attempting to help and assist where we can.


We currently service 72 National CERT’s around the world and are always looking for introductions to new ones.  Here is map showing all the National CERT’s we support.  The one in red is Russia that has a National CERT but is not currently functioning.  We look forward to their return and good work they had done previously.

UPDATE:  It seems that the BSI/CERT-Bund is both the Government as well as National CERT for Germany.  Sorry for mislabeling your mission.

Hey – We are not on There

If you are a National CERT and would like to receive the free daily reports we send out just let us know.  We are always happy to add more to our list, just drop us an email. Or if you have National CERT contacts at any of the countries we do not currently support, please introduce us.

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