Can I share data with you? What kind, and how?

Since our founding, Shadowserver has pioneered a radical shift in the global security community, in which governments and major organizations share what they know so that the Internet can become more secure.

Following are just a few ways for you to get involved and help further our mission.

Email to make a botnet submission (or ask a question about botnets).

Write to to join our public mailing list, where you can ask questions and participate in open security discussions. (Certain public reports are sent to this list weekly.)

Contact if you have something confidential to discuss.

Visit at to chat with those of us who hang out there.

We’re happy to provide interviews (as well as general information and observations) to established, recognized media outlets. Contact our group email at to coordinate an online or telephone conference.

For any other inquiries or submissions, please visit our contact page.

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