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Thursday, 8 September 2011

On AV testing, comparisons, and value

To follow up on our new release of the revamped AV back end we thought it would be good to talk a little more about what we have done so far, and what do we really think about those efforts, and how they could impact your decisions on different technologies.

It is difficult to not compare one vendor to the next due to how we have the data structured on the pages. It would be impossible not to try and derive conclusions from those results. While that is the case, our goal is not to create a real comparison site for everyone to try and compete to see which AV vendor is better than the next.

There are a multitude of those already, each of which have their own sets of malware to test and rules that they follow for complete their testing. That is not our purpose. We do not have a specific set of malware to test. We instead gather in new malware daily and test it against the different vendors.

The versions of AV engines that we have are as new as the vendor can provide us and updated at least hourly if not more frequently. But they are gateway or fileserver products for the most part. We do have plans for using full consumer AV applications as well, but that will take time and much more in donations to allow us to build the back end for that. We will get to it, just not today.

We are happy to take suggestions on how to present the data differently to ease any confusion. We are always tweaking the text on our web pages as we find commentary or discussion. Assuming we actually see said comments.

That being said, our purposes in doing AV testing is simple. We wanted to know what each malware was supposed to be for categorization purposes, and of course just to see what happened. We collect a lot of malware daily and trying to find ways of tying our data together is important.

Because we are volunteers and a non-profit we really enjoy sharing what we find no matter how odd. We even enjoy talking about when we screw something up or when we encounter something exciting. Everything here is for you our public to enjoy, discuss, and even criticize.

Just remember to ask us when you have questions otherwise we can never correct anything that might be broken or done incorrectly.

=>Posted September 08, 2011, at 11:44 AM by freed0